Course Outline in accordance with the principles of HQAA: 

The main purpose of the course is a deeper knowledge of the internal workings of the Internet and its protocols, in order to give to the graduate the ability to integrate Web applications into systems that are designed either in the field of automation or in industrial computing exploiting the Internet as a component of the overall system.

This course covers the necessary skills expected by the graduate profile and is aligned with the mission of the automation department. The student at the end knows how to use the Internet as a tool for bridging remote units and creating distributed systems.

Description / Outline: 
  • IP addressing and the  IP Protocol
  • Packet routing and routing tables
  • Topology discovery algorithms
  • ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol
  • TCP  and congestion control
  • Το IPv6, UDP, FTP, etc
  • The Web and the HTTP protocol.
  • MPLS