Course Outline in accordance with the principles of HQAA: 

Motion systems are one of the more important parts of modern technological applications not only in the industrial domain, but also in the agriculture production, transportations, environmental technology and many more. The task of controlling the motion of such systems in order to operate safely and more efficient, constitutes the most significant and world spread areas of interest nowadays for all Automation Control Engineers. The aim of “Motion Control” module, is to develop the basic knowledge background, emphasizing in an engineer’s ability to comprehend and evaluate solutions in designing and implementing motion systems respectively.

Description / Outline: 
The contents of the module are summarized as follows:
  • Main motion-moving system description
  • Basic principles of system operation
  • Static (mathematical) analysis of mechanical motion system
  • Dynamic (mathematical) analysis of mechanical motion system
  • Electrical Motor and load dynamics 
  • Examples of motion systems, adjustment and power supply devices
  • Classical Control methods for system performance optimization 
  • Advanced Control methods for system performance optimization