Course Outline in accordance with the principles of HQAA: 

The course aims to provide students with the necessary knowledge about the transmission of analog or digital signals through modulation and demodulation of a high frequency carrier signal or the digital transmission without modulator / demodulator. Such knowledge will assist the graduate to understand, design, operation and use of a variety of devices and provisions Telecommunications. Implementation of Telecommunications in many areas of technology and automation, as mobile phones, computers, and remote control of remote control, etc. is a huge spread in recent years. A graduate Automation absolutely must have good knowledge of the technical implementation of Telecoms in the various fields.
On the other hand, the knowledge provided in this course provided a good basis for more advanced courses of the program. Examples of such courses is Digital Signal Processing, which transferred them to digital format on the spectral analysis of signals and filters, and Computer Networks, where the physical layer techniques are used to learn the student in this course.

Description / Outline: 

The aim of the course is to enable the graduate able to recognize the structure, design and operation of telecommunications equipment and provisions and ease him in repairing, modifying and expanding them. Also, the aim is to help the student to attend without problems arising from a lack of prerequisite knowledge, more advanced and specialized courses in the program.